jumpy in a sentence

Example sentences for jumpy

The patient has verbalized that she is somewhat nervous and jumpy but denies any unusual activity or stress.
The defendant appeared to be extremely jumpy and nervous and was sweating heavily.
At the subatomic scale, where the universe is jumpy and discontinuous, physicists don't know how gravity behaves.
The mood on the border had been growing increasingly jumpy of late.
The events are not linked, but the government is getting jumpy.
The shortage appears to be limited to the west coast, but is enough to jangle nerves in an already-jumpy market.
As such, my post to you earlier was unwarranted, jumpy and unfair.
Their energy and motion are served up in discrete bits, jumpy and blurred, their exact behavior and position forever uncertain.
But this year could set new lows for jumpy, ill-mannered partisan ferocity.
Sometimes it's frantic and up-tempo and other times it's jumpy and swinging and other times it's slow and somber.
The animation is jumpy, the settings flat, the colors pretty but less than enchanting.
Aiming for a mood of nightmarish abstraction, he borders all too often on jumpy incompetence.
Again and again in those movies, the dancers' work was destroyed by a jumpy camera and constant cutting.
They didn't yell or try to disrupt our events, although they still made my staff jumpy.
If horses act jumpy, turn off your vehicle and wait for riders to get them under control.
They may withdraw, be fearful, jumpy or sad and depressed.
They are jumpy and may flush in groups at some distance.
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