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People aren't jumping into the water unless a site is in danger or stands to advance research.
He escaped by jumping out a second story window, but broke his ankle in the fall.
In my opinion, this talented reporter is jumping to conclusions.
Not so happily, the private sector is also jumping in, even though huge amounts of research and testing still need to be done.
It's natural to be a little nervous before jumping in.
Great white sharks jumping out of the water to eat seals.
Because of his jumping ability and his threat to drive, that shot was virtually unguardable.
There's more than a shade of difference between those jumping-off points, with the second one offering more comic possibilities.
If you could climb and run, if you liked jumping and bouncing and falling, then you could ride freight trains.
The best defense against the creepy, crawly, jumping team of vegetable destroyers plants begins with your own two hands.
His test found that none of them were jumping down to the early-arriving results.
Mobile phones and laptops are able to create pulsed microwave radiation with heavy frequency jumping.
Jumping to conclusions, before answering a more basic question.
Some were pushed off their perch and others were simply jumping to a more attractive employer.
Surfing is more akin to fly-fishing or bird-watching than to parachute jumping or alligator wrestling.
The first is the managerial challenge of jumping from start-up to giant.
More and more firms are jumping on the wellness bandwagon.
But others join illegal migrants in trying to reach host countries by raft or by jumping over a fence.
As a consequence, you see goalkeepers jumping before the foot hits the ball.
Let's observe them over the full course of the cycle before jumping to conclusions either way.
But in this case other work shows the danger of jumping too rapidly to a conclusion.
Building factories in foreign countries was one way of jumping tariff barriers.
In other words, it does no good for the economy to pay someone to do jumping jacks.
Of course, the ultimate jet-pack fantasy doesn't include jumping from a plane.
They seem to be tree climbers and their feathers and bodies suggest pre-flight jumping from tree to tree.
There was no point in her jumping around following her feelings.
The parrots immediately go into a frenzy and start jumping over each other to try to evade the approaching hand.
The land that invented commercial bungee jumping is a thrill-seeker's paradise.
Flying fish can be seen jumping out of warm ocean waters worldwide.
The flames started sweeping toward the stern, causing more panic and jumping.
Riders take lessons in dressage and jumping, and can also ride through the countryside.
The researchers also found that there was far more jumping-gene activity in the hippocampus than in the caudate nucleus.
Forget turning out the lights to give jumping spiders privacy for mating.
Or so everyone thought, until scientists discovered a jumping spider that seems to be a vegetarian.
Nonetheless all sorts of industries are jumping to use any new brain information to support their work.
Bungee jumping is a popular activity for thrill seekers and adventure travelers looking for an adrenaline fix.
Its logo is a dog jumping off the ground with all fours, apparently in ecstasy.
New companies are jumping in as technology prices fall.
Without a word, he sets up a laptop and begins jumping up and down.
Jumping the queue for fresh baked goods will be a lot harder if the whole neighborhood is following the same bakery, for instance.
They are making a habit of jumping on teams early and refusing to let them up.
Then you are ready to indulge in the sport of balloon jumping.
She holds a world record for jumping jacks, after all, and boasts an official portrait worthy of the cover of a fitness magazine.
When he sees the people jumping, he completely loses it.
TV has a high metabolism today, jumping and cutting to cram ever more story into less space.
We cowered for safety and ran away, jumping over roofs of other houses.
Despite all that downside, there is some reason to think you're not necessarily a fool for jumping in.
Over the past few years, increasing demand had pushed up prices, with speculators jumping in to further inflate the market.
There comes a point at which if you don't start living, your whole life is spent jumping from one healing crusade to the next.
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