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Example sentences for jukebox

Rock dust on the green felt, cowboy ballads on the jukebox.
They ponder the selections in their table-top jukebox.
Then there were slot machines and a jukebox business and an ice-cream parlour.
In the culture of the jukebox, even the piano seemed old-fashioned.
Juke decides that everyone should chill out-he'll play the jukebox, they'll all get down.
Horse steak was advertised on the wall, a jukebox played, the other customers occasionally erupted into drunken shouting.
The owner of the teenage hangout finally had to unplug the jukebox because it got to be too much for some people.
Almost every cell phone doubles as a jukebox these days.
Enjoy a draft at this place and enjoy the killer jukebox.
The trim little dining room is bright and pleasant, though a jukebox blares impossibly loud music.
Guests can also visit the concession area to dance to the jukebox, a popular social activity in summer.
Video screens create a festive atmosphere and a video jukebox allows guests to select their favorites.
During the rest of the week, patrons can play computer games and pool or spin tunes on the well-stocked jukebox.
The best of breed portable media players and jukebox software have gotten better.
Jukebox musicals stage shows built around the songbook of one artist or ensemble can be challenging propositions.
Dim lighting, jukebox music and duct-taped upholstery add to the unfussy, laid-back atmosphere.
The dining room features a gaming area with a video jukebox.
Any jukebox manufacturer worth his salt could have done that.

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