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Example sentences for juiced

Scrub the fruit and juice it, scraping out each juiced half and reserving all the seeds and pulp.
But a juiced-up ape can become something more than fun for us-he can shock us with his power, even inspire terror.
Along the same lines, a battery pack could keep the phone juiced up while you use the gaming pad wirelessly.
Once juiced, these chips broadcast their signal indiscriminately within a certain range, usually a few inches to a few feet.
Another piece of evidence for the debate about juiced baseballs.
The only ones that will win will be the juiced law firms handling the case.
Juiced is a good way to live your dreams of a racing machine.
Given time, the rhythmic breakdowns could have been juiced to propel the song farther.
Fruit were harvested monthly, washed, juiced and frozen.
The charging infrastructure necessary to keep these electric cars juiced up is well on its way.

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There's a subterranean impetus towards pornography so powerful that half the business world is juiced by th... more
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