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Example sentences for juggle

We will adapt and juggle things and work through it.
And they must juggle their planning with other academic responsibilities.
The advantage of this is that students have to juggle all manners of address.
The megacity tries to juggle its storied past and its plans for future glory.
With hotspots, you need to activate them, wait for connection and then juggle the hardware in your hands.
Gamers must also be able to juggle several different tasks, evaluate risks and make quick decisions.
Many juggle school with jobs and family responsibilities.
Since then the group has tried to juggle two imperatives.
Many psychometricians juggle competing offers from testing firms before they've even completed their course work.
And working parents have to juggle day care, jobs and family.
She has hired an agent to juggle interview requests.
By planning ahead you can make some of the dinner tasks you are trying to juggle easier.
It is not easy to juggle the demands of career and personal life.
We know you juggle a lot of big responsibilities every day.
The youngest members of the workforce often juggle work and school obligations.
Administrators juggle courtrooms, taking advantage of vacations and sick days to find space.
In working full-time and raising two small children, it is already a juggle to manage another business on top of that.

Famous quotes containing the word juggle

In different life prints, stress will be felt intensely at different times. The woman who is trying to jugglemore
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Conservatism is affluent and openhanded, but there is a cunning juggle in riches. I observe that they take ... more
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