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Example sentences for judicious

You're very judicious about when and where you distribute that e-mail address.
Because without judicious planning, an unexpected bestseller can be devastating.
At the heart of science are judicious observations and measurements.
What many people overlook is that a judicious bit of filing maybe in order at the same time.
Now I know that he was being judicious.
But over the years his vocal runs have become more precise and slightly more judicious.
Our use of this tool has been focused, limited and judicious.
Tech stocks seem to want to go up but investors are being very judicious in their choices, said one analyst.
So when you borrow from books, be judicious in your borrowing.
This is not entirely a nation of judicious fans.
Similarly a judicious regulator should penalise polluters for imposing costs on others by taxing their activities.
Deals are done with a judicious blend of appeals to principle, arm-twisting and redistribution towards less wealthy nations.
Willy's good behavior depends on an appreciation of his innate disposition and a judicious balance of carrot and stick.
The new wing, grandly processional in scheme and finely intimate in detail, does its job with judicious flair.
Most entries seem to include a few judicious equations while doing their best to tell a story in words.
Its approach is not narrow, but on the contrary, full of judicious insight and historical perspective.
All of this is achieved through the judicious work of the attendants, but it is genuinely mysterious.
Make judicious use of bold-face type and white space for emphasis and readability.
Aside from lugging the equipment around, shooting in large format also meant having to be judicious when choosing subjects.
Principles of judicious use of antimicrobial agents for pediatric upper respiratory tract infections.

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