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Example sentences for judicial branch

Compared with the other two branches of government, the judicial branch is a saintly, unfelonious branch.
The executive branch enforces those laws while the judicial branch tries those accused of breaking the law.
Much of this problem is due to underfunding in the judicial branch.
The only precedent violated on this evening was respect for the judicial branch.
At the pinnacle of one, the judicial branch, it clearly does not.
Gore, it damages the credibility of the judicial branch.
We must state directly and strongly that the integrity of the judicial branch must not be violated.
The ruling has been generally interpreted to mean that the judicial branch has little if any role in impeachment trials.
Maintenance of court records is the backbone of the judicial branch.
There's no reason in this day and age for people not to be eyewitness to the judicial branch and its proceedings.
The judicial branch was designed in part to exercise such precautions on the legislative and executive branches.
They are merely another case of a runaway judicial branch legislating from the bench.
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