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Example sentences for judgmental

Study reveals that showering or using wipes can make you more judgmental.
They can't take the time to appear reflective and judgmental.
Metaphorical flourishes are rare and he is almost never judgmental.
Being opinionated and judgmental about vegetables certainly didn't help.
He takes great care to explain his reasoning without sounding judgmental or defensive.
It wasn't a judgmental or accusatory thought, so much as a sad one.
Lawyers frequently made substantial judgmental errors, showing a proclivity to overoptimism.
But if you knew he paid for three carry-on items, you'd probably be less judgmental.
It's not so much belonging to a group, as having a place in the universe, and it doesn't have to be doctrinal and judgmental.
He sees himself through the eye of the camera, a more objective, more judgmental observer.
Most are way too judgmental and often give the believer a false sense of superiority over others.
The author of this article seems to be too judgmental when he/she is deciding what is healthy or what is not.
It saddens me to see so many snarky judgmental comments.
So easy for people who do nothing but sit around on blogs all day to be so judgmental.
He made up his mind to be less judgmental in the future.
Many times abusive and judgmental parents do not admit they are wrong and are not sorry for what they did.
We should be supportive of one another and give support whenever possible, rather than being judgmental.
It's time to be less judgmental of the hipster kids, and maybe wear some of their clothes, too.
Some reviews were descriptive rather than judgmental.
It would be unfair, however, to be overly judgmental of these emotionally stunted characters.
Tillie's stern and judgmental father is a colonel and weapons researcher who expects military precision at home.
Tell him, in a non-judgmental way, that you noticed the jokes on his door.
If he wants to belong to a bellicose and judgmental church, he should perhaps try a different denomination.
Some of these parents are so judgmental and this is what is making me sick.
For many people, exposing yourself to a potentially immense and judgmental community can be new and scary.
Provide care for alcohol-impaired patients in a professional and non-judgmental manner.
Address issues and concerns of older drivers in a frank, sensitive and non-judgmental manner.
However, our testing was based on a judgmental sample of controls within each family.
Moreover, the critical survey responses also involve judgmental elements.

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