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Should you win, you will be free, and no appeal will lie from any decision by the judge in your favor.
Held without charges for seven years, he was finally freed when a federal judge reviewed the evidence against him.
If you disagree with the decision of a judge, the proper remedy is to appeal the decision.
People judge alcohol drinkers as less intelligent.
Do not judge of a tree by its bark nor of a man by his exterior.
It was almost ten-thirty, and the judge was about to take the bench.
Now a state judge in Virginia has sided with the university.
Sir, you are no judge; your opinion has no weight with me.
The fans don't roar and they don't judge.
We should let the public be the judge.
We judge, we have community; we work as a civilization we work as a world.
To judge quality, examine the edges and stitching carefully.
The thing is, we have only our own invented categories in which to judge things.
You'll soon learn to judge how long to water each plant to soak its root zone thoroughly.
Riding, one cannot so well judge of distance traversed.
Animated shorts tend to be easier to judge than live-action shorts.
Even though the company decided to print a date on the package, a judge dismissed the date as not having any legal worth.
The ballplayer was found guilty of battery, but a friendly judge suspended his sentence.
The ancestors of primates needed to accurately judge the distances between tree branches before taking a leap, so the theory went.
He was terrified to cross streets because he couldn't judge the speed of cars.
The oration caused everyone in the court to cry, even the judge.
So, judge not the sport, but rather the individual participant.
The judge inquired in what part of the world that was, and ordered him to be tormented with fresh cruelty.
Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
The impious judge commanded her face to be buffeted.
Sharp eyesight helps them judge distances well, and the cats use their long tails to maintain balance.
Later that summer, the same picture elicited similar accolades from the judge at the county fair.
But until now they had no easy way to judge how serious the problem was.
Hikers can easily judge for themselves if the effort was worthwhile.
Such wonderful images make life tough on the judge who has to choose only one.
It's said that he could judge applicants' potential by reading their essays and absorbing their words in interviews.
The judge did not believe that a designer could trademark a colour.
Campaigners see all this as part of a growing body of judge-made privacy law which unfairly constrains free speech.
Being a lawyer makes a judge partial to a lawyers antics.
Thus was the nation, and so many future litigants, deprived of the intellect of a worthy judge.
Read the whole transcript here and judge for yourself.
We really do judge a book by its cover-and, it seems, the competence of politicians by their faces.
And you shouldn't judge a species by its place of origin.
But it was tricky to judge distance in the alien landscape, and stiff spacesuit gloves limited how fast he could work.
Jurors look at testimony and judge whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty.
The awards reflected a combination of public ratings and judge deliberations.
Short people judge their health to be worse than average or tall people judge theirs.
Perhaps you're a keen judge of character after a long stint working in sales.
Of course people's opinions and/or prior knowledge are used to judge new information they're given.
They say you can't judge a book by its cover but, with planets, first impressions do count.
Gourmets recognize well-cooked rice and judge the cook accordingly.
Doctors have long sought ways to judge whether an embryo is worth implanting.
Scientists judge by the principles and techniques, not by the contest results.
If one is given additional information, then one is likely to judge the probabilities differently.
So one cannot judge a study on such little information given on it.
On the frontier of gesture recognition technology, there may be no better judge of a killer app than a four-year-old.
By the state of flask, it is possible to judge whether an atom has decomposed.
When he was a judge-if he had been a judge-he had not felt the need to accost strangers and tell them that he was a judge.
Each panel consists of three members-usually a lawyer or a judge, a doctor, and a psychologist or a social worker.
He rubbed his hands together, glanced at his watch, and stepped into the elevator to face the judge.
We should judge the method by the results it achieves.
His two siblings are also lawyers, one of them a federal judge.
But at this point readers may certainly judge for themselves.
There is a single presiding judge, drawn from a pool of three on a rotating basis for a two-year term of unusual pressure.
Each side of any pay dispute makes its best offer, and a putatively neutral judge picks one of them.
She called attention to the show by asking the judge to exhort the jurors not to watch it.
The judge also identified a secondary list of five claimants to replace anyone else who may settle with the newspaper.
It had to persuade a judge that the individual in question might be guilty of espionage.
But he was an instrument of the law, a disciplined judge, and the prosecution had failed to meet the standards for a conviction.
Don't be too quick to judge the next time someone you know skips a shower-he or she may actually be clearing the air.
The best judge results, in my opinion, are feeling clothes get looser and generally feeling better.
He wanted to judge his body's reaction to the mushrooms he tasted, so he didn't try them within a day or two of each other.
It is impossible to tell, because the stories are not written for everyone to know any of the details and judge for themselves.
It is not setting too high a standard to judge a program by the reasons that were given for its initiation.
If you judge yourself smart enough to be a professor, you may be pretty smart.
However, the old surveys are still on line, so you can still judge for yourself.
We are judging ourselves, judging others as others judge us.
Twice in each match, players will be allowed to challenge the human judge's ruling and leave it up to artificial intelligence.

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