jubilation in a sentence

Example sentences for jubilation

Each of them did so amid scenes of jubilation and rejoicing.
They follow the same form: relief mixed with jubilation that law enforcement is keeping our homeland safe.
Such jubilation is understandable, but it may be slightly premature.
After the second marker was placed three kilometers to the east, there was jubilation in the air.
And it is the jubilation of shooting fun that stayed with me more than the zombies.
But when the state ended the arrangement this year, any sense of jubilation among residents was overpowered by bad timing.
But in this heavily militarized port city, there are no signs of jubilation.
The pockets of jubilation were however, tempered by many more discoveries of bodies by thousands of aid workers.
After the jubilation and jumping around in the locker room, the whole speech was that we're not finished.
The reactions to this profound news range from pure shock to immediate jubilation.
The homecoming can be a time of great excitement and jubilation.
The prosecutors expressed unprofessional jubilation at the arraignment when the judge was selected.
News of the find was met with a mixture of skepticism and jubilation.
Stormy applause and jubilation accompanied the speeches.
Bonfires are blazing and a number of our citizens are holding a jubilation over the news.
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