jubilant in a sentence

Example sentences for jubilant

Several thousand jubilant supporters streamed to her residence.
Didn't mean to offend by sounding too jubilant.
The viewer may search for an underlying order but is inevitably caught up in the jubilant swirls of color.
Cairo exploded in a jubilant cacophony of car horns and cries of joy.
In some parts of the city they were greeted by jubilant crowds.
There was the jubilant air of a successful start.
Advocates of civil liberties were jubilant.
The revelry was sustained, sincere, jubilant and loud.
But George had become altogether jubilant, and he laughed triumphantly.
In both places, jubilant crowds welcomed the rebels.
Reaction to the proposal ranged from jubilant to cautious.
The ancient minster, resonant and vibrating to her foundations, lived in a perpetual jubilant tumult of bells.
It is the soliloquy of a beholding and jubilant soul.
Sometimes he was so jubilant after their calls that he broke into song.
Yet the mood of these albums has been jubilant and lyrical rather than strident.
She broke into the midst of it with a fragment of some triumphant, jubilant melody.
Most of the outside world, although jubilant that the regime seems at last to be ending, is more cautious about the future.
And when the dancers onstage conclude a number with a jubilant roar, the audience roars right back.
The crowd exploded with a jubilant cheer that seemed to go on forever.
It's a marked contrast to the jubilant scene that took place here about two years ago.
Livestock producers were jubilant that accelerated forage growth reduced the amount of supplemental hay needed for livestock.
There is no better word to describe that moment than jubilant.
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