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By nightfall, there were no confirmed deaths, and children played soccer on closed-off streets in a generally joyous atmosphere.
Coupled with the other joyous news reports of the day, it sets the stage for another profitable day as a human.
The fourscore of guests at this cozy retreat practically form one harmonious and joyous family.
For the incoming faculty members, it's joyous to celebrate leaving the job market behind successfully.
But it is not enough to shrug and wait for that joyous feeling of vindication.
Sadly, no joyous sunrise would come to end their tortured nights of captivity.
Kind of put a morbid pall over the day, but it was still joyous.
The joyous anticipation of winning is not appropriate to the fact of loss.
And despite the joyous sounds from the east, fear runs high that the bloodshed is about to intensify.
She reinvented herself every year of advancing physical disability to stay active and working and joyous in her life.
Those traits are less natural, and a little less joyous coming from an adult.
Out of that whole great joyous scene comes a face more full of light, more radiant, than all the shining candles.
Nonetheless, the juxtaposition of joyous whole-language learning and boring phonics is at the heart of the whole-language ethos.
Because it was hopeful and positive, even joyous, rather than morose.
For me, it's a challenge to find something joyous and funny every day.
He also returned to his joyous ways by running out of the cage as soon as the fight ended and joining the crowd.
In fact, all reigns make a joyous entry, but this is only a delusion.
We have put away these childish things: but our maturity has elaborated no art equally joyous and whole-hearted.
Heaven has bounteously lengthened out your lives, that you might behold this joyous day.
To me, that was some really joyous music that also had something to say.
Buckets and buckets he'd emptied everywhere, in a furious, joyous process.
If it weren't for that sly smile, which takes over his face and becomes radiantly joyous, he might be impossible to watch.
Primed for triumph, they were ready to latch onto a symbol of what they believed would be a joyous finale to the war.
Surely democracy, with that joyous popular will behind it, would triumph.
But what should be a joyous realization is fraught with tragedy, since both care greatly for their families.
The parlor was the scene of joyous family celebrations.
The real reward is invigorating, energizing, joyous health.
During this joyous time of year, our goal is to prevent or stop any horrible tragedies.
While the holiday season is traditionally a joyous occasion, it's often marred by unnecessary and preventable tragedies.
Bring your family and friends for a night of joyous holiday festivities.
We believe that children can see learning as an any time, any place, joyous lifetime experience.
Thanksgiving didn't always mark a joyous respite from work.

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