joyless in a sentence

Example sentences for joyless

But he's the one creating a vicious, joyless, senseless world.
Of his own free will, he turns from a full-throttle embrace of life to a joyless subsistence.
The city's makeover worships two joyless gods: the motor car and faceless power.
Then there began to be quirks, mannerisms, in particular a certain compulsive and joyless naughtiness.
It often was a joyless exercise, but the reward came in the results.
But this film's real trouble lies in its joyless, pointless execution.
It's an entire season's worth of sitcom episodes wrapped up in one joyless theatrical film.
And sometimes she sees herself participate in the joyless eating.
As he warns at the outset of their affair, he is self-loathing, joyless and pathologically jealous.

Famous quotes containing the word joyless

Victory is gay only back home. Up front it is joyless.... more
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