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People often hear a song and cry, or feel great joy or sorrow.
We play for the joy of playing and camaraderie.
Ellie restores joy to her town by believing in miracles.
New parents dote on their babies and toddlers, squealing with joy during their cheerleading efforts.
It's cliché, I know, but she was crying tears of joy.
He takes joy where he can find it.
The joy in the day of an old man may not be the same joy as in the day of a young man.
Trying to maintain household perfection during the holidays, however, can take the joy out of the season.
But being a journalist is both a joy and a responsibility.
Readers will empathize with Alice's frustrations and relish her moments of joy.
These new additions to our family have brought us such tremendous joy.
The joy is in discovering these plants-and how to use them in the garden.
Part of the joy of landscape photography is being out in nature.
While it's obviously full of joy, there are definitely times of uncertainty.
First of all, there is the intense joy in meeting his painting.
These creatures are simply a joy to watch as their white bodies leap from tree to tree.
For me, living in a farm village with city pleasures at hand is a joy.
And readers never tired of the joy of having something tasty to eat when having little or nothing to eat was more often the case.
After college, my central focus and professional joy was doing physics.
What gets lost in all of that anxiety is the joy and value of learning for the sake of learning.
The year after the dissertation defense tends to be one of both joy and exhaustion.
There is, of course, the small joy of free scholarly books that publishers routinely send faculty members.
If she experiences positive emotions related to bubbles her innate response of fear might be replaced by a response of joy.
The instant variety could best be described as an intense experience of joy.
The opposition falters, but victory brings no joy to clerical rulers.
Officials have been claiming a spectacular success, but persuading citizens to share their joy is proving another matter.
But there's a different joy to living and working somewhere foreign.
There is joy in cooking at home with flavors borrowed from abroad, to be sure.
The joy of frying is the contrast in texture between the crisp outside and soft inside.
It's a joy to feed such a big farm family, but also a heavy responsibility.
But those moments help you appreciate the joy of life and to recognize that.
What a joy it must have been for her to discover him.
Concern for the state of the world, and the joy of jiggling the molecules.
It's also been such a joy to work with these directors.
There's no possible way for me as a critic to affect that sort of unbridled joy.
These days, it fills me with a joy akin to surrender.
There seemed to be no joy in the encounter on either side.
She was sitting at a table eating it, beside herself with joy.
In life, they say with sadness now, nothing was more important to him or gave him more joy than his family.
Attractive and affectionate, she loves music and pretty clothes, and responds with joy to the affection and admiration of others.
However, their fine presentation makes me cry with joy.
Sherif can still scarcely contain his joy at surviving to see the revolution triumph.
He writes with a tumultuous joy and a tumultuous dread.
His joy at seeing her, then anguish as she witnesses his humiliation, is intense.
Her fountain is the joy of children and of all people who lean over to splash their faces on a warm summer day.
It is a moment of joy, but with an inner core of bitter sadness.
It's a rare one that can so fully share the sense of joy its cast, writers and crew have in making the show.

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