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Example sentences for jovial

Continue to be your happy, jovial, insightful self and all will work out.
They are a jovial, high expectations lot.
Hovering beneath their jovial banter is always the dark fear that a bad day on the water can be very, very bad.
The atmosphere was jovial, but had an air of a 1980's teen movie where everyone could be neatly classified as a jock or nerd.
He was extremely kind and jovial, and we spent a long time talking.
Here "jolly" means jovial.
This was a very jovial memory.
He laughs heartily, a jovial, round-faced man who enjoys life's pleasures.
Staff meetings that were once jovial are now tense, Maloney says.
So instead, the father becomes a jovial but persistent pest.
But the beating of the jovial bushy-bearded artist has outraged many.
The bartender is jovial, but in that nervous way that bartenders can be when they feel they have no choice.
Sitting in his publicist's oceanside hotel suite for a rare interview, the songwriter who transformed rock is in a jovial mood.
Outside the courtroom, he smiled and appeared jovial, making small talk with a group of reporters.
The nurse in charge advised him that the employees were on the floor, but were in a jovial mood.
Today she remains coherent, jovial and she converses easily.
The juveniles are often times jovial and sarcastic when talking with officers.

Famous quotes containing the word jovial

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