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Example sentences for journeyman

Apprentice being the student learning the trade, journeyman having enough knowledge to work at it.
Sorensen is a licensed truck driver, certified forklift operator and a journeyman painter.
Becoming a hair dresser takes less work experience than getting a journeyman electrical license, which makes sense.
And it can take a long time to make journeyman in many of these professions.
But plenty of executives are getting superstar pay for journeyman work.
He disdains the stale artifices wherewith the journeyman ties his poor sentences together.
The taste of the journeyman playwright, on this head, was certainly far sounder than that of the king and his court.
Although he worked from hand to mouth, what he turned out were not journeyman's articles.
The journeyman lineman could be released later with a settlement, depending on the injury's severity.
Journeyman playwright shepherds positive messages to big.

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I became a journeyman welder—I did very well. I loved it. It was like crocheting ...... more
So this is happiness, that journeyman.... more
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