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Owning a prestigious journal has thus become a lucrative business, which many people believe is being abused.
One-of-a-kind journal featuring award-winning artwork.
Journal article explanations of how science works often differ from the actual process.
In his journal he wrote that he was not bothered by the residents' propensity for cannibalism.
One way to improve your garden year after year is to keep a garden journal.
In the scientific community, journal citations are the coin of the realm.
If you're in finance, you'll have to do it or you won't get anything published in any reasonable journal.
Have them write journal entries describing a productive day in the field.
She also kept an illustrated journal and did dozens of drawings.
Faraway-and each contains a journal in which visitors have bared their souls, sometimes happily, sometimes not.
Even worse, they cite research in a bogus scientific journal.
The book and journal rates apply only to such advertising.
Let's take a look at what is going on in the experiment and what was reported in the journal article.
Indeed, to make a film often entails as much work as writing a journal article.
Science, the journal that published the two human-cloning papers, is now retracting them.
Then the journal editor had a serious health problem that delayed publication of any issues of this journal.
Also, you should not list the journal because doing so could undermine the double blind process.
There is one journal that does it, and it's weird to everyone.
To this journal he became a contributor, and later was for a time its nominal editor.
If the journal is printed, art and production staff are needed.
After the reviewers provide commentary, the journal editor forwards this feedback to the professor, who makes corrections.
All three groups kept a journal of headache frequency and severity for one month before starting on their specific intervention.
He divides the annual subscription price of a journal by the number of times its articles are cited in other journals.
He also found a fall, once a journal was online, in the number of papers in it that got any citations at all.
Neither team has yet published its results: one set is about to be submitted to a journal, the other is in review.
The journal-review process is always the subject of some scorn among scholars.
In my field, a top journal sent back two reviews of my essay.
One of the things that often shocks new journal editors is the difficulty that they face in obtaining referees for papers.
The journal where this study was published is missing from the article, but hinted at in the image caption.
Once again, another article that would be happier in a business journal, not a technical publication.
He wrote software to categorize the e-mails as journal entries.
Each journal details the proceedings on the floor, committee reports, and related actions of the previous day.
The wine journal has a glossary of wine descriptors.

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