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Alongside the video is a space for typed or handwritten notes, which students can jot down using a stylus.
Surprise: the criterion was met a few days ago, but the cartel has yet to increase output one jot.
Ask them to jot notes about daily life as they watch the videos and view the photos.
It won't care a jot if it is populated by human beings.
As they watch, students should jot down in their notebooks the tagline and description provided for each candidate.
If you think of something you can jot down an idea, but that is it.
Students can jot down key words or phrases or use self-stick notes.
After each of the instructions, there is space for the student to jot down ideas.
Try to think of questions they will ask and then jot down possible answers.
He hasn't done a jot of campaigning in the past year and his presidential prospects have risen dramatically.
In the left column, students can jot down main events they observe in the movie.
If the head falls onto the platter or picks up a jot of dust, the data can be rendered unreadable.
Jot down these important ideas so you don't forget, then get back to writing.
Anyway, the amount of oil out there matters not a jot if there is no good way to export it.
Compare yours to the original and jot down a list of the differences.
And use every jot of the social services you qualify for.
But it does not change the size of the deficit one jot.
Suggestion: when you're being asked a question, jot the essentials down.
None made a jot of difference to escalating wage agreements.
Its extremely easy to jot down notes, and many of my students are more inclined to welcome coming to the board.
Consumers, of course, care not a jot about marketing machinations.
Their touch screens are also capable of doubling as notebooks to jot down information or to download books.
Jot down your pen and pad ideas in the comments section.
Ask them to jot these observations about their internal reading voice on the handout, too.
Together, taste through the wines and jot down comments.
It does not change what happens or how it happens in foreign affairs one jot.
But they might as well pine married as single-and would not be a jot more unhappy with a bad husband than longing for a good one.
Still the sentence remains absurd: for the second clause but repeats the first without adding one jot.
Jot down or text-message yourself about each day's happiest moments so you'll have a detailed record to review and savor.
Jot down abundant business ideas, and get into the details.
Before you go, jot down everything you need to pack so you can run down the list and make sure you have everything.
Now, jot down any prior knowledge you have about the topic of the article.
Jot down the names of some of the companies that interest you.
Many people jot down prayers on pieces of paper and insert them into cracks in the wall.
Jot down the camping supplies and equipment you need to bring with you.
Next, read each statement to your mom or dad, and jot down her or his reaction to it.
And the shenanigans of his eccentric coterie are still fun, if a bit familiar and a jot more bland.
Take or ask for a business card and jot down notes to help you remember your conversation.
Based on your choices, decide on the adaptations your bird will need and jot them down for reference.
After talking to an employer, jot down a few notes to study at home later.
When they come across an important part of the book, they can flag the page and jot down a note of why it was important.
Pick up business cards and jot down notes to help you remember your conversation with each company representative.
To make it a bit easier, carry a notebook in which you can jot down the information or sketch the bees that you see.
Jot down the official name of the charity on your check for record keeping purposes.
Ask students to jot down in their journals where they might fall on the time continuum.
Specifically for trainees and does not have text in the notes section so that they may take notes or jot down questions.
Jot down the name and number of the caller, and the date and time of the call.
Give students a few minutes to jot down their responses on the paper.
Jot down ideas and strategies that you might want to try in evaluating your own health risk communication program.
It provides a place for you to record your thoughts, jot down some ideas and reflect on your learning progress.
Memories of the object can remain vivid if students jot down observations and/or draw pictures.
Place a notepad in a handy place to jot down things to remember.
Jot down your questions for your provider about the medications you are taking.
The teacher can play the song once or twice more for students to listen, count, and jot down their answers.
Jot down the license number, the frame serial number, and the type and model of the bike.
Before a conference, write out questions you want to ask and jot down what you want to tell the teacher.
While you are studying your material jot down some of the points you feel are important to include in your report.
If you want to use their services, make sure you get a receipt and jot down the installer's badge number on it.
Feel free to use these to jot down ideas as they occur to you.

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