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But there is no malice in the joking at his expense, rather affection.
All around him were laughing and joking, the fiddle boomed right in his ear.
They are a merry set of fellows, and they were all laughing and joking together.
He's joking of course because the mind and the brain are different.
But three days later he was cheerfully ambling around the unit, joking with the nurses.
Spirits were high at the demonstration and people were laughing and joking about how bad their three-stone stoves were.
Look at the mountains see the steep almost vertical tilt of previous horizontal plates, you got to be joking.
He makes up the facts as he goes, and covers up by joking about it, things that no real scientist should ever do.
One group kept joking that they were going to kidnap me for ransom.
The two played down the significance of this, joking that the only thing at stake was the barbecue they had wagered.
People thought he was joking, but he was against licensing surgeons and so forth.
He is so uncharismatic that he has taken to starting his speeches by joking that he will try to keep his charisma in check.
He burst into a tiny chamber of commerce and began joking with businessmen, teachers and farmers.
He was doubtless joking, but the joke made a serious point.
Given his predilection for gaffes, his supporters are only half joking when they say he should start that silence now.
His supporters are only half joking when they say his best campaign tactic would be silence, starting now.
When somebody calls you on it you tell them they need a thicker skin, or that you were only joking.
Joking aside, how bad the job is depends on the program.
My experience is that people who spew that kind of vitriol and hostility towards other human beings are never joking.
Unable to see your facial expressions or hear your tone of voice, readers might not be able to tell when you're joking.
The joking took the sting out and eventually the kids grew out of it.
Unfortunately, evolutionary psychologists do not realize that he was joking.
Clearly, some topics should stay out of the joking realm.
Suspension after bringing guns to the locker room and then joking about it before a game as teammates watched.
Telling the truth about the infected monkeys, but joking about the implication of that.
Joking aside, the aluminum walker is an excellent frame for a trailer.
For some, television's pernicious influence is no joking matter.
People thought he was joking, but he was against licensing surgeons and so forth.
The landscape guys ignored him, joking back and forth.
He was clearly joking, but the server did look a little disconcerted.
People would laugh, not knowing if he was joking or mule-headed.
If there's any joking to be done, it will be done for a purpose.
The joking turns sardonic, quietly savage, even vengeful.
At dinner when they all sat down together there was much joking around.
Wildly joking, they go along with their wives into debt and humiliation.
There's a joking element to his bleak description of his state of mind, but he's being serious as well.
And the fact that he was joking about a relative in our presence made us feel he'd taken us into his confidence.
He was always hanging around with them, lifting weights, joking.
He is joking, but he's not straying all that far from the truth.
Joking aside, that is some pretty sick accuracy there.
Hopefully, you are joking about the origins of the human race.
He has good timing, knows when to stop, and doesn't let on that he's joking.
Joking aside, a bit of speculation and build-up to a mystery announcement can be fun, the let-down often not so-much.
Only partly joking, the host explained that this was her allocation.
Formal meeting activities such as planning and learning groups quickly disintegrated into joking and play.
When it's a joking song, people will sit around and laugh.
She said that the statement was made in jest and that she and the two coworkers had a history of joking around together.
But there was no joking for the winner, who plans to buy each of his children a new car with the prize money.

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