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Example sentences for joist

It should extend vertically through the subfloor and cross a joist or some other support to which it is bolted.
He took a comb from its niche behind a joist and gave her old coat a rubbing.
It is nailed or screwed to the subfloor and joist and driven horizontally with a punch or nail set.
The box must be attached directly to a ceiling joist, and anchored firmly so that the box cannot twist or pull loose.
Insulate the band joist with batt insulation, as well as the crawl space access if it's located in the wall.
When the bar joist was placed into position between two joists already in place, it was not quite straight.
Anchored bridging means that the steel joist bridging is connected to a bridging terminus point.
Insulate the band joist with batt insulation, and the crawlspace access if it is located in the wall.
Joist resting directly on the foundation sill plate.
Joist hangers must be correct size for joist size used.

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