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Example sentences for joining

Joining a gym in order to exercise can be a commitment.
The good news is that more and more nations are joining this movement.
And many people are moved, without notice, in their first year of joining a university.
Finally it pierces the orbital septum, and ends in the skin of the upper eyelid, joining with filaments of the facial nerve.
Our editors have chosen ten trips that will have you gearing up for adventure or joining in local festivities.
We showed them that by joining together they would benefit together.
Ice and avalanches of snow were regularly joining the rocks on their one-way trips toward new angles of repose.
Why would you embark on a mission by joining an unknown group of people you met on the plane bound somewhere you don't even know.
Eat right and exercise, conventional wisdom has it, if you want to avoid joining the diabetes epidemic.
Delegates from around the world will be joining to determine the future of the whales.
It's a vast, dynamic system and far more complicated to replicate than simply joining ever more processors together.
The main motivation that many had for joining a society has been removed.
Simply joining social media sites doesn't guarantee that scientists will be talking with people who aren't scientists.
Not believing, not incorporating, not joining does not require any explanation.
The second part of the video shows it joining other seabirds at a feeding site.
In coming days the water will reach the coast, joining tidal waters and inundating the floodplain.
He made it seem as though reading a lot might actually get you laid, without preventing you from joining a rock band.
What follows is an extended chase, with a number of interested parties joining the fray.
Whether joining the workforce would actually lift them out of poverty is another matter.
Even worse, they all surrendered their address books upon joining.
Cloud computing is the latest example, and companies large and small are already joining the fray.
Today, when her popularity is at an all-time high, public support for joining the euro is at rock bottom.
To avoid his joining their ranks, he adopts a cautious three-pronged strategy.
Some might even ask if the new countries are wise to be joining such a troubled club.
Economists worry that, together with the new pension, it will deter small businesses from joining the formal economy.
After two votes against joining the euro, the government is mulling a third referendum.
However much countries may now regret joining the euro, leaving it does not make sense.
The problem is akin to joining a rope to a cement wall.
When the rate of breaking equaled the rate of joining, the metabolism would simply maintain itself.
Finally, a fine-grained neighbor-joining tree which shows the geographical clusters.
More members of our global civilization are joining us everyday.
Each devotee celebrates in a distinct, personal way even while joining the larger community.
Ever since joining the military, he's been feeling a growing sense of alienation.
After joining he declined to shed any light on what he'd tell his players to keep them focused on football.

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