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Most humor that reaches us is merely jocularity, and it is well to be jocular only when really funny.
The dress code is strictly university, the etiquette informal and jocular.
I'm feeling jocular, even if the end of spring break is nigh.
The other is plump, friendly, jocular.
The old genius was extremely jocular, and the young one very pleasant.
Our jocular waiter sometimes crossed the line from friendly to familiar.
Go beyond the look to jocular confrontation when needed.
He and the musicians brought rustic energy to the jocular rondo.
Service is slapdash, jocular and comfortable.
His manner was jocular, as usual, and Claude hated any public discussion of his personal affairs.
He could be jocular and also impatient.
In truth, his arrangements were innovative and his lyrics were jocular and acerbic.
Every candidate preps jocular zings before debate night.
On the other hand, he's always jocular with journalists and has appeared alongside them in several memorable commercials.
So take up your jocular quills, wordsmiths, and pen twenty-six words designed to make us smile at your ingenuity.
Try not to be predictable, especially predictably jocular.
After all, nobody likes to think they have no jocular streak.
At eighty-seven, he was still jocular and voluble, concentrating more on his stories than on his driving.
He had always conducted himself with mystifying mock-seriousness and jocular solemnity.
The jocular grave-digger, in league with the ox-driver, grasped the trophy and tossed it easily across the andirons.
He's been invited, apparently, to bear the brunt of his companions' jocular contempt.
Between songs, he played the emcee with jocular self-parody.
We began to fire jocular questions at the reporters, thus thwarting their efforts to shout questions at the president.
He was jocular and easy-going and not once did he cut me down to size with an unsavory slur.
We have all heard the jocular remark about the inmates taking over the asylum.
Why the repeated failure of their jocular invective hasn't led them to discontinue it might be something they should consider.
The conversation at times was jocular, mostly serious.

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