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Example sentences for jittery

Eating or drinking a large amount of caffeine can make you feel jittery, nervous, or energetic.
Our companions grow jittery, and an awkward silence falls.
In fact, environmental cues can exacerbate any innate tendency to use food as a balm for jittery nerves or sadness.
And no matter how many cups a day it samples, the mechanized coffee taster will never get jittery.
The crowd buzzed with jittery excitement, as they always do when it experiences a knockdown.
Which is probably comforting news as a jittery college finals season finishes up.
It also knows that users are jittery about making their personal information public.
The jittery camera shake of everyday vision is similarly smoothed over, and our memories are often radically revised.
The over-all effect is jittery, the textual equivalent of a film shot with a handheld camera.
In other words, it aspires to be the kind of neighborhood that does not easily absorb a nightly dispersal of jittery ex-convicts.
But he keeps hearing a jittery, homophobic voice in his head.
One employee was so jittery that he donned a bulletproof vest as a joke one day.
Vertical scrolling is rather clunky and jittery throughout all of the apps.
If you're a geek, you probably get a little jittery when you're away from the web for more than a couple of hours.
Sometimes, babies with low calcium levels are jittery or have tremors or twitching.
Financial markets have been jittery for weeks, as signs of an economic slowdown have increased.
At present, it is especially jittery about labour markets.
Today's mood is jittery, with investors easily spooked by credit-market phantoms and the shadows of weak corporate profits.
Even the financial markets, which until now have applauded the government's adherence to economic orthodoxy, have turned jittery.
With global grain markets so jittery, officials are rather smug about having so long stressed the need for self-sufficiency.
Already jittery financial markets have taken fright.
Nonetheless, investors and politicians remain jittery.
Jittery investors started pulling billions out of the country, seriously denting the central bank's reserves of foreign exchange.
The labour of getting safety approvals makes investors jittery.
Clock ticking away on tax credit as a jittery housing.

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Ironic and jittery, we are puzzled by the old heroes with their fighting, boasting, and cocksure lovemaking... more
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