jingoistic in a sentence

Example sentences for jingoistic

They do want to inspire patriotism, but a critical patriotism, not a jingoistic one.
It isn't a jingoistic game about patriotism and winning the war in the name of all that is pure and righteous.
Many economists and foreign governments decried the provision as inefficient and jingoistic.
There was a kind of jingoistic nationalism to media coverage.
It is not, as its name might suggest, a jingoistic flag-waving parade of provincialism.
Australians are sick of their jingoistic and cynical electioneering tactics.
Inevitably, the responses are thoughtless jingoistic nonsense.
There are many jingoistic folks on both sides of the border.
Unfettered patriotism has led to all sorts of jingoistic nonsense.
If educators teach it narrowly as jingoistic, uncritical self-praise of the nation, then such instruction is wrong.
But this jingoistic talk is foolhardy and dangerous.

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