jiggle in a sentence

Example sentences for jiggle

Shake, shimmy and jiggle until the mixture hardens to ice cream, usually about five minutes.
We notice the improbable directional jiggle but ignore the zillions of meaningless and counteracting collisions.
Surface temperature readings jiggle up and down, but over the course of the past century, their overall trend is up.
The dots jiggle oddly as the beaks cast about for you, and then hold steady when they have fixed on you.
Otherwise, the merest jiggle would break the magnetic calm.
Over hundreds of years, normal ambient temperatures can provide enough energy to jiggle the atoms within a rock.
One advantage of a belt for carrying your gear is that, when seated, it doesn't jiggle much and you don't feel any weight.
The president might have more power to jiggle accounts.
When the vessel reaches a certain depth, the picture on the screen begins to jiggle ominously.
As the actors in the scene keep muffing their lines, the ones watching jiggle in place and roll their eyes.
But the camcorder industry has responded with technology that can reduce the jiggle.
Turn down the heat after the weight starts to jiggle.
If they're crooked, contain gaps or jiggle when you bang on the dash with your hand, walk away from the purchase.
When using live bait and a bobber, pick the float off the surface and jiggle the line ever-so-often.
If you can hear the toilet running or need to jiggle the handle to get it to stop running after you flush, you have a toilet leak.
Angle your toothbrush so it is up against your teeth and gums and jiggle the toothbrush back and forth in small strokes.
Bobbers could jiggle, plunge downward or skate across the water.
They hoped that this stratagem would allow them to see the catheter and to wiggle and jiggle it into place.
Jiggle capsules open and approximate fractions for serial doses.
Wind and waves jiggle the buoy, which wiggles the line and hooks to attract fish.
As a good rule of thumb, always jiggle your card as you remove it from the card slot as this may shake the card skimmer loose.
The problems are platform jiggle, speed, and distance from pavement.
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