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Example sentences for jibe

When the results of the popular vote jibe with the electoral vote, there is no problem with the system.
It also seems to jibe well with the common observation that individuals have particular talents.
The jibe hurts because, in an era of highly complex financial engineering, it has an element of truth.
Not bad for someone who not so long ago didn't know the difference between a tack and a jibe.
So, the jibe about government being subordinate to corporations apparently cuts both ways.
There is a problem, however, with this futuristic vision: it does not appear to jibe with reality.
Since then the horizontal jibe has stuck, inaccurate and unfair though it has become.
Their answer doesn't quite jibe with current conventional wisdom.
What designers write and what one sees jibe only rarely.
If anyone in your party does take offence at a jibe, apologise quickly and profusely.
The cuts don't seem to jibe with experts' proclamations that the economy is more stable and growing.
Meanwhile, today's employment report does not jibe with an upturn in business optimism.
Apparently, violent and secretive governments don't jibe with their larger mission.
He asked how indefinite terms jibe with truth-in-sentencing.
But the timing of the temperature rise doesn't jibe with the predictions.
Now, that may not jibe with what you're hearing or what you're reading, but those are the facts.
The regime blocks whatever information does not jibe with its propaganda.
The prophecy and the actual measurements do not jibe.
So the figures didn't jibe for what they were putting in there.
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