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There are also many gold and silver shops, though this is where stolen jewelry ends up.
Archaeologists have since found their bones, as well as the jewelry and other precious objects they wore in their final hours.
IT is easy to spot the jewelry booths at crafts fairs.
Use jewelry to express your personality or, better yet, use your conversation.
While it's fashionable to decry the increase in gold prices, consumers can avoid this buy putting off jewelry purchases.
Lost-wax casting is a way to reproduce a sculpture or piece of jewelry directly from an original.
The shape is also used in decorative jewelry and architectures.
Browse jewelry and western art by local and regional artists.
Both startups plan to use the diamond jewelry business to finance their attempt to reshape the semiconducting world.
Jewelry is an easy item to spark small talk, so wear only what you want to talk about.
People don't realize how little gold there actually is, especially gold for investment not for jewelry and industrial use.
Silver is also an excellent catalyst, which accounts for more use of silver than jewelry.
But they're the equivalent of a neck scarf or a piece of jewelry.
Forget the traditional jewelry weapon of choice, the sovereign ring.
One of the things they are doing is buying gold for jewelry.
Home accents and gifts from vintage vases to contemporary tea sets to jewelry and leather goods.
Once the jewelry is designed you can upload it to a gallery and then have the item manufactured and sent to to you.
Coral continued to enjoy a special place among jewelry and fashion lovers, until fairly recently.
It's not uncommon for hunters to find valuable jewelry and antiques.
Jewelry retailing is undergoing a round of restructuring and consolidation.
Burglars break into an apartment, hoping to pick up some expensive electronics or jewelry.
As the stock market rebounded yesterday, jewelry sold briskly at two auctions.
The hand-raised cranes are identifiable because of their colored leg bands, jewelry they didn't pick up on their winter vacation.
No one branch of trade so well reflects the general industrial condition of the country as the jewelry business.
Weird, dangerous jewelry that is functional, but if you used it you would probably cause yourself some irreparable damage.
We're talking jewelry placed directly in the eyeball.
Once costume jewelry was throwaway stuff, piled on dresser tops and eventually in shoeboxes.
The charm he learned as a jewelry seller helped him enormously in academe.
Throughout history people have prized amber, often making it into jewelry or ornaments.
It is also beautiful, and makes a lovely piece of jewelry in its own right.
Members found hundreds of skeletons in the site's large cemetery, some still adorned with ancient jewelry.
Acres of land, gold jewelry and prized oil paintings were traded away on the promise of multicolored petals.
In your jewelry let diamonds be conspicuous by their absence.
It also has been discovered in some inexpensive children's jewelry, prompting new voluntary industry standards last fall.
Looters ransacked the museum's gift shop, making off with souvenirs and gold jewelry.
Probably some jewelry in there, certainly scissors and maybe some wind-up toys.
More boom boxes and plastic jewelry are offered for sale along the narrow sidewalks.
Parasite singles may spend their money on expensive jewelry and cars.
There's some beautiful jewelry available with cultured diamonds in them.
Albright has some valuable pieces and some heirlooms, but mostly the collection consists of costume jewelry.
The first fellow takes his money, his jewelry and his shoes and overcoat.
She had never been interested in jewelry or couture clothing.
Our collection runs the gamut from useful gifts for the diehard backpacker, to delicate, globally inspired jewelry.
The city has long been famed for gold jewelry, and modern artists do a fine job of carrying on the tradition.
Gifts of gold jewelry and watches used to be almost obligatory at weddings.
There have never been more places to buy fine jewelry, but buying from someone you trust is seldom more important.
Males must have short hair in a natural color, be clean-shaven and wear no excess jewelry.
Females must have hair in one natural color, have subtle jewelry, light makeup and short fingernails.
Her father's jewelry box had disappeared from its usual spot on her parents' bureau.
Yet he knows they have money and jewelry, to barter for their lives.
Children's jewelry is defined as jewelry made for, marketed for use by, or marketed to children ages six and younger.
They are automated and there is less metal loss from the jewelry pieces.
Visitors will be able to see evidence of serious injuries, illnesses and any offerings or jewelry inside in the wrappings.

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