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Example sentences for jewellery

Police reacted in less than a minute to jewellery store being ransacked.
Jazz it up if necessary with some interesting jewellery.
Commercial fences pay the going rate for scrap gold however valuable the finished jewellery is.
Cars are the same, so are clothes and so are jewellery etc.
There are tea pots and cigarette cases, flasks, spoons and jewellery.
They may be hidden in jewellery or accessories, or even embedded in the body.
Destroying them would be akin to destroying a piece of jewellery, a painting, or a momento.
Luckily, the criminals who stole the jewellery from the gift shop did not know where the jewellery inside the museum is kept.
Only a tiny portion of colored gemstones found in the trade and in jewellery was extracted in the past few years.
She had tribal scars and wore jewellery made out of car parts.
The smaller chamber contained many luxury grave goods, including jars, plates and pieces of ancient jewellery.
The consider looking for polar bear diamond jewellery.
There is talk of machines that will print from powdered gold and shake up the jewellery-design business.
His lamps, chairs and jewellery borrow heavily from natural history.
These pieces of gold and silver jewellery, all of exceptional charm and sophistication, are a revelation.
There is a delightful selection of glittering jewellery at this show.
Jewellery is about showing off, or it is about nothing.

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