jeweler in a sentence

Example sentences for jeweler

He spent evenings working with a jeweler who cleaned and repaired clocks and watches.
The next day they took the case which had held them to the jeweler whose name was in the cover.
As a former jeweler, she'd worked around dangerous chemicals before and understood the hazards of toxic fumes.
When working with these magic powders, use a jeweler's scale to weigh the exact measurements required.
We recommend having the watch battery replaced by a jeweler, as it is intentionally difficult to remove the back.
We recommend having a jeweler replace the battery in this watch.
In a small town with one jeweler, everyone might use the same time settings.
The jeweler presents to the department an invoice for the diamond ring showing it was sold to a wholesale jeweler.
To test the idea further, a series of tests was run in a jeweler's kiln.
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