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Example sentences for jetty

Well you should see the fluctuating color of the jetty down here.
It offers powder white coral sands, a thatch-roofed jetty and clean bathing facilities.
The munitions exploded on the jetty and in the water near the ship.
But out across a rickety-looking wood plank jetty, there's a new beer hall that is attracting a different kind of customer.
Beaches, inlet entrances, and the nearby sea floor are still changing as a result of jetty construction over a century ago.
Jetty rocks can be slippery from mist, rain, or spray.
Large waves can knock people off a jetty and send them crashing into the rocks.
Overall, this jetty is lighter in color than the basalt jetty, since it is comprised mainly of schist and gneiss.
Following jetty construction, the shoreline grew seaward rapidly.
This, and all areas immediately adjacent to the jetty are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.
The south jetty has a section broken away on the outer end.
However, the same caution should be exercised in running close to it as with the south jetty.
Stay well clear of the sunken jetty and use caution in the channel.

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This could be the day. I could slip anchor and wander to the end of the jetty uncoil into the waters a vess... more
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