jettison in a sentence

Example sentences for jettison

But the team also continued to jettison other veterans, releasing strong.
And you have to learn to accept that critique, incorporate the good and jettison the bad.
In effect, the state will take on much of the debt that the private sector has decided to jettison.
We program each tag to jettison from the whale at a predetermined time, after which it floats to the surface.
The amendments begin to jettison a cruel and repressive system.
If these deteriorate, the government could be the one to jettison reform and fiscal prudence.
The animals violently contract their muscles and jettison some of their internal organs out of their anuses.
There is little time left to jettison this unjust and counterproductive policy.
They will explore their past, and some of the prescripts and taboos that it gave rise to they will jettison.
Some companies want talent so badly, they buy start-ups for their employees and then jettison the products.
What such an approach provides is a certain flexibility to jettison those hadiths which are inconsistent now with modernity.
The service said that the decision showed its determination to jettison weak companies.
Jettison as much as possible and make a fresh start.
With sales weakening and rough times ahead, the locals had strong motives to cut prices and jettison their inventories.
But the situation can alter life plans and jettison hopes.
There's little attempt to jettison familiar, comforting players for more exotic ones.
Sensible, if more surprising, is their tendency to jettison thigh-high skirts for calf-grazing maxis or bubble-shaped dresses.
At the same time, it became a matter of some urgency for these firms to jettison mortgage-related securities in their pipelines.
Nor does it look set to jettison its printing business, which is having to adapt to an increasingly digital world.
Third, the choice to jettison legal constraints has inflicted long-lasting costs.
They decided not to jettison the retro rockets after they braked the capsule for its descent.
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