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Cool air fed by the jet stream, a strong band of wind in the atmosphere, provides even more energy.
The high-pressure system-a large area of dense air-is being held in place by upper-level winds known as the jet stream.
The jet stream is weaker but you get those scorching days.
And muffling this, uh, jet stream can't be done by conventional methods of baffling the flow since it will choke off the exit.
Presumably this approach will enable the ship to navigate past the jet stream and maintain its position.
They also defect winds high into the jet stream where they get ripped off and carried away.
Compared with last winter, this one has been unusually mild, thanks to the jet stream's northern route.
As the jet stream migrates northward in spring, rain lessens--and is quite scarce by summer.
The jet stream will undergo some interesting changes over the next few weeks.

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