jet lag in a sentence

Example sentences for jet lag

It is a long flight but fortunately you won't be changing too many time zones so jet lag is not a problem.
Melatonin supplements are popular for self-treating insomnia or jet lag.
Gourmet's travel editor divulges some great ideas for hitting the beach but skipping the jet lag.
Melatonin is a hormone that is sometimes used to treat insomnia and jet lag.
Such things aren't easy, even for experienced travelers, in the fog created by jet lag.
Consider the hazards facing modern travelers: jet lag, airline bumping, ugly fingernails.
Onboard exercise can bolster spirits, thwart muscle cramps and tummy upsets and lessen the effects of jet lag.
Learning to minimize jet lag can help you to enjoy your vacation or be more productive on a business trip.
Jet lag hits in ways that can make your trip a nightmare.
If you've ever traveled a long time by plane, chances are you've experienced the effects of jet lag.
In order to avoid jet lag, try adjusting a sleep schedule to adhere to the time of the destination a few days before traveling.
Traveling from east to west minimizes the effects of jet lag, but you may feel out of sorts for the first few days.
Minimize jet lag by getting lots of sleep before your departure.
We've all had a case of insomnia in a hotel, especially when we've traveled across time zones and have jet lag.
According to a new study, elderly mice die earlier if they're exposed to time shifts that replicate the effects of jet lag.
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