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Example sentences for jet engine

Two years later, he is a jet engine mechanic, having also also earned college credits.
The inject the oxygen and water mix into hot compressed chamber of a jet engine.
Yet the human ear can hear and process sounds ranging from a pin drop to the roar of a jet engine.
She wears earplugs and rests her head on foam cushions to dampen the device's roar, as loud as a jet engine.
When finished, it will be powered by a jet engine bolted to a rocket.
Then the firm discovered that our casting process was perfect for making the concave blades used in the hot end of a jet engine.
The lift fan was essentially a means of harnessing some of the power of the jet engine and using it to lift the plane straight up.
However, at some point the pilot reduced the jet engine power to idle.
The jagged edge mixes the airflow coming out of the jet engine in a way that reduces turbulence.
Then you feel as if you are planted behind a jet engine as it prepares for takeoff.
The new turbines can ramp up quickly, much as a jet engine can ramp up quickly to provide thrust for takeoff.
And the plant made headlines again late last year, when it became the first non-food-based biofuel to power a jet engine.
Plus the jet engine and autos add more pollution to the atmosphere than would trains.
Twin-spool jet engine compared with a conventional design.
Combustion turbines operate on the same general principle as a jet engine.
Combustion turbines operate on the same principle as a jet engine.
They burn natural gas or low-sulfur oil and operate on the same principle as a jet engine.
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