jet boat in a sentence

Example sentences for jet boat

The asking price includes furniture, a jet boat and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
River outfitters bring it down, snugly blanketed, at dawn on a jet boat.
Soon to be added are a remote-controlled surveillance airplane, a small jet boat, and an unmanned submersible.
Some offer the chance to cruise near the falls or even ride the rapids on a jet boat.
Tammy led the operation of the jet boat crew over a three day period.
Access to this corridor and related sites are generally achieved via the use of jet boat.
Instead, they attached the nets to a jet boat, and pulled them through the water with the boat.
Down-stream drift traffic has the right-of-way, but remember that a jet boat powering through a rapid can't simply stop.
Covered by the rule are outboard engines and gasoline marine engines used in personal watercraft and jet boat applications.
Angler counts and interviews were conducted by vehicle, jet boat, and check station.
The only way to this secluded natural wonders is by small plane, jet boat, or a string of horses and mules.
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