jeopardy in a sentence

Example sentences for jeopardy

Any assets in shared accounts are in jeopardy.
The very things that I believe in are going to be in jeopardy.
My job may be in jeopardy if I were to take the time to break my caffeine addiction.
Many ranchers were not supportive, fearful that their livelihoods would be in jeopardy from the predators.
Both the coast and diversified forests are in jeopardy due to erosion and monoculture tree farming.
In so doing they were putting their own careers in jeopardy.
It is a case of double jeopardy.
Your failure to keep that promise could put you and the college in jeopardy.
For a moment his life was in jeopardy.
But then the weather got a little warmer, and the ice isn't quite there, and now the whole thing's in jeopardy.
Should the blips migrate past a security boundary on the display, an alarm would immediately warn that the grid was in jeopardy.
No pragmatism or practicality to consider their future may be in jeopardy and can be acted upon to reduce or negate it.
Unless this fundamental difficulty can be overcome, pharmaceutical industry profits are not in any serious jeopardy.
The cities contend that their water supplies are in jeopardy.
The universities in question seem not to have fully considered the other side of their legal and ethical jeopardy in this matter.
Since if you don't prevent the birth, there would be two, then your own birth would not have been in jeopardy.
Activities such as these are not big money makers, however, which puts wetlands in jeopardy of being converted to other land uses.
But this ancient species, the oldest member of its order of pinnipeds, is in serious jeopardy.
Shrinking habitat, increased drought, and human encroachment are putting their future in jeopardy.
The future of street musicians is in serious jeopardy by new city laws that extend noise curfews in certain areas.
Living with the threat of a shutdown every few weeks is not responsible, and it puts our economic progress in jeopardy.
But now it's wading into territory that could put its ex in jeopardy.
The integrity and security of the campus e-mail system was in jeopardy.
Many worry that this success might now be in jeopardy.
This, managers say, would have put their investment strategies and trading positions in jeopardy.
Tighten too soon or too much, and the recovery is in jeopardy.
The budget, as well as many of his other reforms, is now in serious jeopardy.
The eventual success of the mission, while still possible, has been put in unnecessary jeopardy.
Violence appears where power is in jeopardy, but left to its own course its end is the disappearance of power.
Were impeachment a criminal process, this would be a violation of the double jeopardy clause.
It must have been a real threat, or their entire worldview is in jeopardy.
It would be wrong to consider the prospect of legal jeopardy unlikely.
It sent the show's jeopardy index through the roof, signaling that no one was safe.
The signing was reportedly canceled and the agreement thrown into jeopardy by the protests there.
His reputation is in tatters and his pension presumably is in jeopardy.
Thus the gloom and doom folks have reason to worry that the season is in jeopardy if an agreement isn't reached soon.
They set up a jeopardy of double devaluation for blacks, a jeopardy that does not apply to whites.

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