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By being forced to live hand to mouth, people naturally will become fearful of any change that might jeopardize the status quo.
Left unchecked, a bacteria buildup could jeopardize space missions.
But obtaining a sufficient number of stem cells from a donor cornea can jeopardize it.
It might also jeopardize your ability to get insurance.
She hoped this fact wouldn't jeopardize my interest in the job offer, but her hands were tied.
He's punting, because he knows to do otherwise would jeopardize his second term.
However, a coal company plans to mine near the property, which would jeopardize the farm's water supply.
But wouldn't want to jeopardize a potable water stratum.
But this kind of familiarity can jeopardize a business.
College leaders can also jeopardize their credibility if they understate problems.
Experts say the drastic reduction in the wild horse population could jeopardize their future survival.
Nobody asked them to take shortcuts that would jeopardize the entire gulf ecosystem and beyond.
Failure to do so may jeopardize your safety and the safety of others.
In this case, the falsehood did not jeopardize a reliable near future.
Shy dogs lack self-esteem and can jeopardize the stability and wellness of the group.
Kids willing to do too little will jeopardize it as well.
Commercial fishing should not jeopardize the health of marine ecosystems, recreational fishing opportunities, or public resources.
Not wishing to jeopardize their relationships with the studio, they all insisted on speaking off the record.
Officials would not give the exact site, saying that disclosing it would jeopardize security.
Federal and local officials would not give details, saying that to do so might jeopardize their investigation.
The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his access to important information.
Some colleges fear that the marketing activity could jeopardize contracts with other companies.
Or, that you feel that your own status is so tenuous that any discussion with any of your colleagues would jeopardize your future.
And start-ups often have cutting edge new products and no existing business to jeopardize.
EU has no central authority a tiny nation can jeopardize the whole.
But too aggressive a rollback of the military would likely result in a backlash that could jeopardize gains made this year.
In one case, an attorney asked me not to have his client on camera because it might jeopardize his chances in an upcoming hearing.
No one wanted to jeopardize his safe return home with a misplaced step.
He was told that if he persists in this denial he will jeopardize his probation and could be sent back to jail.

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