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The gigantic planes each carried ten tons of the newly invented jellied gasoline incendiaries.
The colonists broiled and roasted pigeons, stewed them in gravy and jellied them in a calf's-foot broth.
Water surges into honeycombed spaces, expanding the shaft out of its jellied egg.
Stoves using gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel are still allowed.
Gas, jellied petroleum and pressurized liquid fuel stoves are allowed in campgrounds.
Portable stoves or lanterns using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel and are permitted in all areas.
Gas, jellied petroleum and pressurized liquid fuel stove are allowed in campground.
Unless jellied products are processed in boiling water bath, they will develop mold.
Berries can easily be preserved for later use by freezing, drying, canning and preserving as jellied products.
It may be used in canned hams or jellied meat products.
The fruit is ripe when it is slightly soft and the jellied inner section is clear.
It is sometimes prepared by pan-frying but is more often smoked, pickled or jellied.

Famous quotes containing the word jellied

Children, confine your lights in jellied rules; Resemble graves; be metaphysical mules; Learn Lord will not... more
The river, right, tumbled into a cove; But the map dashed the road along the stream And we dotted man's fishiest enthyme... more
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