jejune in a sentence

Example sentences for jejune

Inconsistencies of character and plot mar this lively but jejune debut.
Without vigour or colour, without grace or ornament, his style is singularly jejune and feeble.
There's more than a touch of the jejune to these happily rough-hewn clothes.
The analysis may seem hopelessly jejune, not least because digital distribution of books has already begun.
That famously awful overheated jejune stuff.
Of course, most of the field work is puerile, hopelessly jejune.
That would be amusing, if a little jejune.
Hence it is as common a thing to hear our orators condemned for being too jejune and feeble as too excessive and redundant.
He is a decent man, though somewhat jejune and really quite smart.
Only to the jejune and blissfully ignorant members of your staff.
The media is not engaged on its own terms, so its output is as jejune as the app that made it.
It is a mere compilation, and rather brief and jejune.
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