jeer in a sentence

Example sentences for jeer

Fans greeted him with boos and continued to jeer as he spoke, and some made a thumbs-down gesture.
One or two students inevitably jeer.
The two decide to teach each other the appropriate sound to make, and persevere even when the other animals jeer at them.
I'm not sure whether or not to cheer or jeer at this one.
His friends jeer in Hausa, the local language, until he comes clean.
That jeer is tossed across the Atlantic pretty frequently.
Contempt causes us to jeer rather than speak, to poke at rather than touch.
In 1855, he declined to accept an honorary degree from Oxford, suspecting that the students would jeer him.
They applaud precision and jeer missed spots.
However, a stadium offers more opportunities for any displeased fans to jeer.

Famous quotes containing the word jeer

Rude poets of the tavern hearth, squandering your unquoted mirth, which keeps the ground, and never soars, while jake re... more
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