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Example sentences for jealously

Older impala males stake out mating territories and herd groups of females that they jealously guard against any rivals.
He kept his instrument jealously guarded and allowed no one to touch it but himself.
Instead, it spent a little bit of what it had a lot of-money-while jealously hoarding its real store of value.
The good news is that higher education isn't a scarce resource to be jealously hoarded.
But building a useful database of translations is a slow and expensive endeavor, and companies guard their translations jealously.
In later years he jealously kept the bears for himself.
Their party's sole claim to legitimacy is economic stability, and they guard it jealously.
They keep their own databases and guard them jealously.
The charges are sharply at odds with the firm's jealously guarded self-image as a paragon of integrity.
Ossified societies guard positional goods more, not less, jealously.
But many governments, jealously guarding the cloak of statehood, lobbied to keep the commission weak.
Ranches, once jealously guarded private preserves, are now almost obliged to be open to the public and to market themselves.
Alas, rather than co-operate, they jealously guard their respective patches.
Companies now pay more attention to internal controls and guard their reputation more jealously.
Knowledge was jealously guarded, so they wouldn't have written it down.
While technically public information, these lists were often jealously controlled by local party bosses.
She jealously punishes her sister by feeding her a sausage of human feces to protest her sister's larger portions of meat.

Famous quotes containing the word jealously

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