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Example sentences for jaunt

Mission specialists estimate that a round trip jaunt to an asteroid would take about six months.
While taxi cabs are everywhere, the rates and routes they travel can often make a short jaunt into an expensive outing.
Here are two that caught my eye on my morning jaunt through the pits.
Instead, her comment was received as a shocking admission of failure, and the mysterious jaunt as a stunt.
Ample storage and hydration for a comfortable all-day jaunt.
There's no better way to start a day than with a jaunt by the sea.
Challis returned from her jaunt to a bit of a shock.
Moody convinces her to join him for a two-week jaunt.
There are, in fact, four of us altogether on this jaunt.
Then take a jaunt through the park to welcome spring.
It was more of a fresh-air jaunt than anything else.
It is also well worth a stop, nibble, and shopping jaunt.
And when finished with those little jaunts, take another jaunt down to the archives.
By a hired cook at home while you jaunt around the park in a filmy, ruffled dress, maybe.
During one early-morning jaunt, he allegedly had a dispute with a sportswriter that is still awaiting legal adjudication.
Depending on which beaches you wish to visit, the jaunt makes a comfortable day trip.
These are a some of my favorite pictures from my short jaunt.
It was meant to be a short jaunt to a friend's home to watch a movie.
If you're lucky, your weekend jaunt may align with one of their many open-to-the-public one-day workshops.
For each of these species, it is not a simple jaunt out into the world for pleasure or new experiences.
Once you have learned not to step on the other snowshoe, you are ready for any jaunt into the wilderness.
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