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Every briefing has been more bullish than the last, but there have also been some jarring, jolting moments.
Even the addition of many new ones has produced no jarring.
That's a jarring transition, and teachers haven't paid sufficient attention to it.
Some of these apps also include timers for setting alarms that are less jarring than the average alarm clock.
Quite apart from that, over-concision can be jarring and difficult to read, which can distract from your point.
The pressure changes deform the overlying rocks, possibly jarring certain faults into action.
When expectations don't match what you are accustomed to, it can definitely be jarring.
The inclusion of this jerky speeded-up silent film is not only mystifying, but also stylistically jarring.
The film's juxtaposition of genres often feels jarring, with no point other than to surprise.
Luggage can be subjected to drops, weather, jarring and rips.
There's something mind-jarring in this whimsical videotaped vision of a city populated entirely by old people.
Never slapped him on the helmet after one of those jarring tackles he delivered.
We're so accustomed to frozen foreheads that sitting across from her is jarring.
With your hands, every time you make contact, there's a jarring sensation in there that only hitters know.
Known for his ability to get inside the frame of a defender to rock him back with a jarring hand punch.
It is a bone-jarring ride as the vehicle lurches on its metal wheels, which make a grinding, popping sound.
It's stimulating, at times jarring, and completely memorable.
Not only would a reversal show a lack of spine, it would send a jarring message about investor protection.
More jarring still are the invisible inequalities, the ones hidden in statistics.
Such a priority is also incompatible with avoiding jarring economic dislocations.
The first statement was a bit jarring coming from the self-professed maven of straight talk.
Launching one big-scale fiscal stimulus would therefore be akin to jarring an already floundering ship.
It's a bit jarring to see a lucid pro-transparency, pro-security argument from a federal prosecutor.
Pronounced in a slightly patrician clenched-jaw drawl, this statement is jarring in two respects.
The jarring back and forth of action and cinematics is an understandable approach, but will one day seem unnecessary.
It's always jarring to see a flagrantly deceptive ad on a legitimate site.
Hand-offs between apps and the web are still jarring.
These do well to break up the action, but they're so clearly separated from the rest of the game that it's a little jarring.
Sometimes it's jarring to the mind to see one thing juxtaposed with a slightly different thing.
Shucking a scallop can be jarring aesthetically, since there are abrupt changes between beautiful and ugly.
For outsiders, reading this material can be a jarring experience.
Her nose was as long as an anteater's, and her wide mouth as jarring to the eye as a raw red scar on her olive skin.
But in idle moments it gets louder and more annoying, once even jarring me from a dream.
It's pretty jarring to see somebody openly make the case that being fat is a sign of poor character.
When the plane finally crashes, the characters' violent insertion into the unforgiving wasteland is appropriately jarring.
My ears become so sensitive that every little sound is jarring.
It was a jarring note, a hint of scandal unsupported by any evidence.
What the autonomous underwater bot found was pretty jarring.
On its own, this stream of signals from our eyes would produce a jarring series of jump cuts.
Early recipes present another admixture of the familiar and the jarring.
The sewn fabric pieces, though, are genuinely jarring.
They are full of dancing, clapping, screaming and shouting that may seem jarring to the untrained ear.
Close-ups are too jarring on the screen, and this type of cut can stop an audience from laughing.
Perhaps the race to get them done explains the sometimes jarring tonal shifts.
Another set was calmer, but had jarring elements that made one wonder what the designers were thinking.
There are many potholes for lawyers on this highway, and some can be severely jarring.
These tanks shall be secured to prevent jarring loose, slipping, or rotating of the tanks while in service.
Belts allowed faster speeds and were quieter and less jarring than shafting.
Improved bump stops are required to reduce jarring of drive train components during off-road travel at variable speeds.
At that time, the rig experienced a heave motion followed by a strong jarring action.
It was easier to walk than endure the constant lurching and jarring of the wagons.
It was reported as a sharp shock, jarring brick buildings and rattling windows.
The strike of a muskie is jarring, sudden and powerful, a tremendous and exciting event.
Emergency response vehicles need to go slower over speed humps than automobiles to reduce the jarring effects of the hump.
All packages shall be handled so that no damage or jarring will occur during storage or transportation.
Even more jarring, the film is supposed to be a comedy.
The new economic reality has been jarring for a country considered not long ago nearly impervious to the global slowdown.
So it was all the more jarring to hear the gas engine rumble on at unexpected moments.

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