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This is no surprise; column inches strewn with impenetrable jargon are a tough sell.
Knowing the jargon of tour operators will help in planning your trip.
All special groups, including sociologists, develop their own jargon.
Goodman shows a talent for making clinical jargon sound downright poetic.
Sentences are too long, and jargon is too common.
All of this jargon separates into unique, if not pedantic, definitions.
It's pleasant to see this new techno-creole of video jargon and web-geek jargon.
You are greatly amused by the scientific jargon.
Britain's nurses are being sedated by the jargon gendarmes.
If the jargon seems a bit dense, you can sum it up thusly: Hmm.
There is a literary quality to their all-caps urgency and secret jargon.
Prizing clarity and accessibility they avoided specialist jargon and pedantic displays of scholarship.
The term for such poor comportment-flaming-became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.
At one point in your book, you talk about the leftist jargon that's cluttering up our vocabulary.
So we're stuck with these lullabies of economic jargon.
It's called a scalar field in the jargon and that's precisely the kind of thing you might get from an extra dimension.
Articles should be written in a clear, informal style free of jargon.
The glazing also comes because a lot of theory or idea-writing is written in boring jargon.
But he did not have, in the technical jargon, a school.
Our shortcoming-forgive the academic jargon-is discursive.
In the jargon of the industry, the trials crossed the futility boundary.
The commenters have developed their own jargon and shorthand.
We speak in jargon in the business world, and it's really horrible at a big company.
He has stayed till closing, seen all the sights, heard all the jargon.
The intuitive interface helps those among us who are intimidated by wine jargon.
These remains are known in the jargon as particulate organic matter.
Such jargon is not likely to fire imaginations struggling to establish an entirely new market.
One genotype, to use the jargon, may allow athletes who use anabolic steroids to escape detection altogether.
He sometimes speaks in jargon and think-tank waffle.
But, at the same moment as the imagination soars, the intellect applies-to use the jargon of the rocketeers' trade-the brakes.
With unusual humility, bureaucrats are borrowing jargon from open-source developers.
It's about keeping outsiders out by creating walls in the form of jargon, processes, or people networks.
Unfortunately, it's all she talks about, in a stream of medical jargon.
In economics jargon, the cross-price elasticity of demand is small.
The idea, though typically expressed in ways larded with jargon, is actually rather simple.
He is also, one gathers, rather proud of his command of banking jargon.
He once created a mythic aura by describing himself as an aging farmer capable of spewing out financial jargon.
He occasionally lapsed into financial jargon and struggled to connect to a broader public audience.
Using unfamiliar jargon and bureaucratese can cause problems because your reader may not understand it.
Jargon also can distract your reader from your real message.

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