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People are required to have a high school diploma to be a janitor.
Steichen prepared for the shoot by having a janitor sit in for the magnate while he perfected the lighting.
Only one now has a full-time job, working as a janitor in a charter school.
Meanwhile, a club janitor learns that the biker, the club owner and another are murderous dope pushers.
Everyone from the janitor to the president should be required to submit criminal records.
It is impossible to tell who is rich and who is poor, who is a world-famous scientist and who is the janitor.
He would have won the case even if he had been a janitor.
He was a milkman, a sporting-goods salesman and a janitor in a paper factory.
But a janitor caught jerking off in the supply closet would be gone so fast heads would spin.
And each face was on a body wearing either a business suit or a janitor's jumpsuit.
He made less than the janitor who cleaned his office.
He is a janitor at home and a master of ceremonies abroad.
And yes, a janitor has a certain expertise that is used to get the job done correctly.
Further, the employers agreed to increase a janitor's typical shift to six hours a day, from four.
Even janitor quarters have been converted to make additional space for a courtroom.
She was a janitor, took deliveries in a bakery at night, and washed test tubes in a laboratory.
After high school, he continued working as a janitor and carpet-layer, jobs he had obtained to help support the family.
We would have to entice a janitor who had a car to take us there.
Nonmagnetic equipment should be provided in the janitor's closet for use on the mobile unit.
He hadn't even met the janitor yet, but he hated him anyway.
She notifies a janitor to clean up the slip hazard as she leaves.
While cleaning the spill, the janitor wonders aloud where the spill came from.
All floors have pre-mixing stations in the janitor closets.

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