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It has towering cliffs, jagged ridges, and deep valleys.
The jagged wound was inflicted in a suicide attempt.
Deaths due to state-based conflicts show jagged peaks in the two world wars, followed by a bumpy but consistent trailing-off.
The jagged edge mixes the airflow coming out of the jet engine in a way that reduces turbulence.
Out of the jagged hole hangs the blade of a propeller.
The first winter snow was falling on the jagged peaks that towered up on all sides.
Researchers also do not know what causes the jagged structure of lightning.
The colors don't match the originals, and the jagged edges don't line up.
We painstakingly sliced a three inch piece off the fork, cutting slowly enough as to not create any jagged edges.
With each stroke, his hands and arms struck the jagged wood strewn through the water, while his injured leg dragged along behind.
Both place visitors in the heart of the high country, amid jagged peaks and wildflower meadows.
The shark is gray or brownish with spots, and its top jaw has jagged cusped teeth and the bottom comb shaped.
He still has the jagged spot on his right hand where she got him.
They drove him to the hospital screaming, the jagged pink protrusion covered discreetly by a towel.
Even some of the cutting from one scene to the next makes it look a bit jagged.
Erosion later scoured the more jagged summits into their present profiles.
The morning after, as anyone who has suffered a hangover knows, can be filled with jagged edges.
The trunk lock was sealed crudely with a jagged piece of metal and four screws, suggesting a break-in.
Suddenly, a jagged bolt of lightning strikes the saguaro.
Some are all sharp corners and jagged edges, some rounded.
Not far beneath the surface, jagged towers of coral tore into the ship's hull and held the vessel fast.
As the others caught their breath, he zipped his way across loose and jagged rock up the final ascent.
Yet it has not been a smooth, unfolding history, but a jagged narrative filled with contention and revisionism.
From the edges of the valley the land rises abruptly in steep high buttes whose crests are sharp and jagged.
The echoes of the thunder rolled among the crags, and lightning jagged the darkness.
The sixth, which was frail and weak, had its bottom beaten out on the jagged rocks of the broken water.
The jagged lines are a bit of an eyesore, but they tell a simple story.
His left leg ended in a piece of jagged, shockingly white shin bone.
And the metropolis is set on jagged isles of alien form in outlandish foaming seas.
Ceiling panels are divided into jagged shards, and pieces of wall jut out or recede.
Chiaroscuro visuals, askew close-ups, jagged editing-they're all it takes to create a nuanced creepiness.
Photographing the jagged, rusty remnants, he captured an unexpected range of brilliant colors created by the material's oxidation.
Where film's diagonal lines sometimes appear jagged on plasma, this set runs a special anti-aliasing algorithm to fix the problem.
He heard the clock tick, his own breath returning, jagged and raspy.
When you look at them on the page, it's a jagged wall of text.
Whatever the case, his change of tack feels jagged with impatience and panic.
Usually rilles are smooth and sinuous, and this one is a bit jagged.
Instead their hands encountered the jagged edges of corals and giant seashells.
The building swayed in the winds, a jagged, gaping monstrosity.
And not even he could get me out of the parking lot, which was a wasteland of rusting cars and jagged potholes.
It's less jagged and self-consciously transgressive, more studied and self-possessed.
It had been dug from the side of a jagged mound as high as a two-story house.
Its eyes were deep amber and its tail large and creamy with a jagged dark line cutting across it.
The sea floor is jagged from the high salt content and can tear at the bottom of unprotected feet.
The bridge spans a deep canyon and overlooks rushing water and jagged rocks.
The often jagged shape is the result of its formation from lava flows meeting the surrounding ocean.
The park is home to world-renowned scenery that includes high jagged peaks, clear lakes and ample wildlife.
However, to avoid scraping your feet on the jagged coral reefs, pack water shoes.
The cove itself is a beautiful place with jagged cliffs giving way to a brilliant blue ocean.
But when the trap's jagged metal teeth sink into its paw, the tiger howls-an alarm that can rouse a sleepy park ranger.
It is so tall that its jagged spire seems poised to spear the moon.
However, if the lump on the mammogram has a jagged outline and an irregular shape, more tests are needed.
Currents can be strong around submerged rocks and jagged tree snags that are found in the river.
Text smoothing uses gray dots to make the edges of text look less jagged.

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