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Example sentences for jacked

When the researchers served these coffee extracts to cultured human stomach cells, the cells jacked up acid production.
Colleges face a challenge to masculinity that bulging muscles, rumbling voices, and jacked-up pickup trucks won't remedy.
Forgive me for getting jacked on coffee and obsessing over your features year after jittery year.
Currently, legislators are happy to see in-state tuition jacked up so that they can build more prisons and highways.
He pretty much makes the same thing every time--some short, fitted jacked with some kind of frill on it and skinny pants.
To get the federal debt down, they jacked up taxes and slashed spending.
Second, the government has jacked up its payroll spending.
Each time a building subsided, it could then be jacked up to street-level again, or moved on rollers to a new location.
Of course the vendors inside the terminal rejoice as they can now sell drinks with jacked up prices.
My sense tells me that prices are being supported from going lower via demand, rather then being jacked up by costs.
There are people who at that point would have jacked an iPod into the sound system and called it a party.
Similar to changing a tire, the steel rod is jacked up and then locked into place to support the spine securely.
And yes, children have died after their parents' cars were jacked.
We jacked it up on steroids and took it to the next level.
The pipe preferably shall be jacked from the low or downstream end.
Boring is defined as the operation by which large carriers or casings are jacked through oversize bores.
Flanges shall be attached to end of pipe by welding, after pipe has been jacked into place as shown on the drawings.
In the next step, the bridge pivot beam is jacked up and the bearings removed.
Most of the buildings were later jacked back into an upright position, underpinned with piles, and reused.
The vibration of a running motor may cause blocked or jacked equipment to move or fall off of its blocks or jacks.
Note that webcams can also be high-jacked and turned on remotely.
Foreigners are frequently targeted, robbed, car-jacked and sometimes killed.
And when customers refused to pay the jacked-up prices, their furniture was held hostage.
In the case of a low-speed collision, the steel pipes can be jacked back to their original shape and reused.
The tendons are then jacked between anchorages embedded in the concrete.
The pole would be cut, the structure jacked up, and steel panels and the sections bolted together.
It shall be of sufficient height for aircraft to be jacked in the bay of the hangar to ensure continued work.
After the concrete decking was removed, crews jacked up the girders and replaced the concrete abutments on both ends.
The existing roadway surfacing shall remain in place and rigid conduit shall be bored or jacked under the roadway.
Monitor grout pressure and slab elevation to insure the slab is not jacked upward out of position.

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