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Example sentences for jack pine

Wooded parts of the natural area include alder forest and jack pine, oak and red maple barrens.
The jack pine is unique because its resinous cones open and release seeds during a fire or from an intense, hot sun.
The driest jack pine-northern pin oak barrens did not change significantly after logging.
Fire opens the cones of the jack pine, spreading new seeds.
Fire was important on the jack pine plains and in the red pine-white pine forests.
Jack pine remains on the outwash plains along with northern pin oak.
Most of the comments refer to the jack pine barrens found on similar sites in the north.
White and red pine forests largely dominated the vegetation, with some smaller pockets of jack pine.
They prefer early successional stands within jack pine forests.
As fires became less common, oak and jack pine slowly began to shade out the barrens.
The presettlement vegetation of this area was jack pine and oak barrens.
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