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Well, postman, it is only fair to note that violence in ivory towers is extremely low nowadays.
But the conference will also ponder a number of questions about the ivory tower itself.
He was absolutely not shut away in some ivory tower somewhere.
The handles of the delicate tools on the right are made from ivory.
It also attracts poachers who target the elephants for ivory.
It was really ornate with the ivory keys peeling off.
We, unwashed groundlings patiently await your return from the great ivory tower.
Ivory tower types should not be in charge of economies.
That's one of the reasons the myth of the academic scientist in the ivory tower has always puzzled me.
It's only as complicated as you wish to make it, so that you can stay in your ivory towers of pseudo-science.
For every case of ivory that is discovered by police it is anyone's guess how many slip through customs.
We are in an economic crisis if you will get your head out of the ivory clouds.
The debate is not confined to ivory tower scientists.
Often ancient ivory was found poking from the snow, but this tusk hunter probably had to dig for his.
Unfortunately their ivory has gotten them into a lot of trouble.
Their evidence includes items made of bone, ivory and animal teeth marked with grooves and perforations.
Both the skeleton and the keel were equipped with as many as sixty bone or ivory bearings that.
Indeed, the tiny purple, yellow and ivory blossom is dazzling.
She was sitting on an ivory settee, crocheting something or other, and had her crewels in a shallow willow work-basket in her lap.
But at that moment they were joined by the dwarf, who blew a blast upon an ivory horn which hung from his neck.
He jotted down on ivory tablets thoughts, maxims, reflections which chance has preserved for the edification of posterity.
It had an ivory manager, and drank wine out of a golden pail.
She was always armed with a small ivory crucifix which she hid in her hand.
He wanted to be a saint: as clean as a piece of carved ivory, as pure-smelling as beeswax.
We don't necessarily need the ivory tower and the moment of complete stillness in order to meditate about such things.
My view is that you cannot sit in an ivory tower, office complex, or financial capital and know what is happening in the world.
Not all of the money will stay inside of ivory tower walls.
Praxeology is such a tested concept, defining core decisions in economics not theoretical in an ivory-tower sense.
Two groups say the ivory-billed woodpecker is extinct.
One of the first places looked at was those costly ivory-tower humanities scholars.
Call it the third level of video games inside the ivory tower.
Network with people who are happily ensconced in careers outside the ivory tower.
My goal is to someday worm my way into the ivory tower.
Instead of taking the ivory-covered model to other countries a different, hybrid model should be used.
Sure, you will still have a ride home on the ivory tower line, but you sit in the rear seats.
Now even the skeptics agree that the ivory-billed woodpecker lives.
The ivory is primarily in the form of carved curios, such as chopsticks, targeted toward foreigners.
Wildlife groups are trying to persuade people around the world to stop buying ivory.
It was the first time they had witnessed such a supply train of poached ivory and rhino horns.
The rebels are believed to be eating and selling hippo meat and taking the animals' teeth for ivory.
The ivory tusk tooth grows right through the narwhal's upper lip.
Adult: the red skin color of the head contrasts with the ivory bill and dark feather ruff on the neck.
Humboldts can be maroon or ivory or any tone in between, according to the action of their chromatophores, or pigment cells.
But ideas do not reside in the ivory tower of our usual metaphor about academic irrelevance.
They have custom canes and smoke ivory pipes and say saucy things that only they can get away with.
Maybe he thinking he can get a government grant to study the aliens and they wouldn't possibly bomb his ivory tower.
Literally it's made out of ivory and it's got spikes on it.
Xu packed the ivory carvings in aluminum foil in order to conceal their outline from x-ray screening.

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