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Example sentences for itinerant

Booksellers promoted it and itinerant colporteurs hawked it.
Every six months or so he buys a script from one of the many itinerant writers trawling the market, and hires a producer and crew.
Itinerant laborers travel with all their possessions from farm to farm in search of work.
In middle age she was an impoverished and eccentric itinerant, abandoned by her husband and family.
There have been itinerant calculators of normal intelligence as well.
Portraits by itinerant artists vivify a genre that was scuttled by the invention of photography.
His modesty is such that, if you get into casual conversation with him, you might mistake him for an itinerant preacher.
The outside world knew of the horrors and atrocities of that day only from the reports of itinerant journalists.
Behold a typical problem for an itinerant arts group.
Instead, they cite an itinerant childhood as a key ingredient in their success.
Instead they cite an itinerant childhood as a key ingredient in their success.
Local, itinerant spins collaborate, boosting magnetism with temperature.

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